Why SEO is Crucial for Small Businesses


So you made a great looking website, either by yourself or assigning the work to a professional. In any of the cases, you spent your money and time. But what good will your website bring to you if it has no traffic? This is the gap that SEO is meant to fill. More than the physical existence, potential customers now judge a business over its digital presence. If your website isn’t optimized, you will see no traffic, hence no profit!

SEO for small businesses is more important because:

  • Their visitors will tell others about the website if they have a good experience.
  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will collect important information and place the site in the top 5 places on the results page.

User-Friendly Websites

Even today, businesses are sticking to the conventional definition of SEO assuming that it is just about optimizing for the search engines. However, today it is more about enhancing user experience.

Visitors tend to stay longer on simple, uncluttered, and well-structured websites, accordingly reducing bounce rate and increasing page views. Likewise, highly relevant content keeps the readers happy and engaged because the content is likely to solve their questions, answer the pressing issues, and enable them to find what exactly they are looking for.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Imagine there are two businesses belonging to the same industry, offering similar products at similar prices. One of them runs an optimized website while the other does not. If everything else is similar, there are no two opinions that the first company will appeal to more customers through their website. It will grow faster and become more successful.

Bring in More Customers

SEO, as part of internet marketing, draws in more visitors who must be already looking for the product/service you offer. You don’t need to shout, dress up, or dance to gain audience’s attention. They are in need and they are looking for a solution. If you want to be the answer to their need, you must place your website in the top 5 results on SERP. Once you have brought them on your website, given that you contributed the same diligent work to enhance the user’s experience by publishing the content they are seeking for, you’re definitely on the right track to gaining another customer.

Better Insight into Your Customers

SEO does not do just one thing. If your website is appropriately optimized, your visibility, usability, and credibility on a search engine will increase. All such factors contribute to an increase in website traffic. When you have a good number of visitors, Google Analytics will track important information about them. You will have loads of information about your visitors to use and optimize your website accordingly. Their geographical location, the technology they use, days and times they are most active, keywords they enter, time spent on each page, etc. You will then be able to determine your target market, sharpen your advertising, and decide strategies in view of facts as opposed to simply educated guesses. The better you know your customers, the higher the ROI will be given that you provide the right product or service.

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