This is How to Gain Backlinks Through Outreach


Since the earliest days of Google, backlinks have always been an integral part of good SEO. Backlinks are a great way to establish the credibility of your website in this huge world of online content. Building a substantial number of backlinks will see your ranking flourish. However, building backlinks are easier said than done. It’s a process that doesn’t just happen overnight. Other than having quality content( we all know content is king), you must also know how to deliver a pitch and the right websites to approach. This guide seeks to establish how one can earn backlinks using ordinary but powerful outreach.

Know Your Niche Well

The internet represents all existing niches in business. You must decide on a concrete subdivision of a specific niche before looking for interconnections with your potential clients. Paying attention to a specific subdivision of a certain niche is far better than trying to embrace several or all subdivisions of that niche. Clarifying the exact niche you represent shows that you are a leader in that particular field instead of trying to prove that you are a jack of all trades. Once you have discovered your niche, strictly adhere to the track you have chosen and don’t mess up things with irrelevant content that is not in accordance with your niche.

Make a List

Even before worrying about sales pitches, come up with a list of websites where backlinks will help your SEO. You can start by searching for keywords that are most relevant to your business on Google. Pick authoritative websites whose content is relevant to your niche. If you operate a local business, ensure you choose local websites for localized backlinks. For localized backlinks, the local media can be a great resource too.

Research For Contact Information

Start finding email addresses of the people you will contact from every website on your list. You should target people with decision-making powers such as editors and managers or those with influence like bloggers and journalists. If you can’t find contact information on the website, be creative and try to connect with the website’s authors on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Most businesses have social media pages, alongside their websites, where you can find people to contact when you can’t find them on the website.

Make a Pitch and Clarify the Backlink

Asking for a backlink is similar to making a sales pitch. You have to give something and then ask for a backlink in return. Clearly, state the content you plan to offer the website and move a backlink into the background. Make sure you clarify to whoever you contact that the condition for sending them your content is getting a backlink.

Choose to use an Outreach Database

Cultivating a network of backlinks is a slow-growing process that requires persistence and patience, mainly because virtually all niches are highly competitive. To make the process easier for you, an effective alternative is to use Free Backlink Outreach Database where you can search for blogger and guest post outreach opportunities from some of the largest brands on the web.

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