Meeting all Your Business Demands: Corporate Hotel Must-Haves


Those traveling for business have different needs than those coming to a destination due to business demands. While vacationing singles, couples, and families have particular needs, business travelers have a different list of must-haves.

High-Speed Internet

Business never sleeps in the digital age. It’s the reason businesspeople need immediate and uninterrupted access to WiFi. Businesspeople seek accommodations that offer free, efficient WiFi. Hotels lose points with customers if there is slow or interrupted Internet service.

Touch of Class

Decades ago, hotel workers rushed throughout to press suits, shine shoes, and find concierges who could speak multiple languages. Hotels knew the value of hosting recurring business travelers. Today’s leading hotels try to insert some old world charm into their everyday services.

Stocked Fridge

It’s convenient to have a mini fridge, yet most business travelers don’t use it unless they want to pay high prices forwhat’s inside. Luxury hotels stock fridges with guest preferences. It’s an added perk and welcome by business associates who want to keep healthy foods within reach.

Smart Rooms

Smart appliances are on the rise. Soon, entire homes will be controlled by a remote. Luxury hotels are a bit ahead, allowing guests to control functions of hotel rooms via a smart tablet. Lower the volume of the radio, order an in-room video, and surf the web all from one device. It adds to the in-room ambiance, which is great if you need to spend time working in your room.

Business Friendly Lobbies

Decades ago, lobbies were void of guests except for those checking-in and out. Today, hotel lobbies are sleek semi-office spaces where professionals eat, lounge, make deals, and enjoy high-speed WiFi. While it’s great to have a room equipped with business needs, it’s better to have the option of working out of the lobby.

Keyless Entry

Who wants something else to remember It could be an incredible inconvenience and added fee at best if you forget your key. At worst, it could make you late for an important business event. Keyless entry makes things convenient and that much more difficult to lock yourself out of your room!

Gym Facilities

The Pomodoro Technique supports the notion that you get more work done when you take breaks. It’s even better to burn calories on break. That’s why top hotels ensure business goers have workout facilities. Since some of us forget to bring our workout gear, luxury hotels provide guests with sweatpants, shirts, etc. See what perks and facilities are offered at the Protea Marriott South Africa.

Transport Options

A shuttle to and from the airport is commonplace. What business people desire is more transport options, whether it’s a limousine ride to the airport or a comfy ride into the city from a suburban hotel. Celebs have drivers on-call, but those staying in a luxury hotel may have a fleet of transport options.

Pillow Menu

Some have too many or too few pillows. It seems like a trifle when it comes to business, yet if you’re doing work in your room, pillows can increase your level of comfort and back support.

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