Why Get Complete Factory Audits Done


There are two situations in general amongst a few, when a factory goes under audit. One common situation is when, the factory must show their clean papers of passing a complete audit before inspectors to get through the yearly or half-yearly check and retain their license. Another situation can be when they are going to get into a business deal with some client, who asks for an audit to get the real picture about the factory. Both ways, an audit is a great way to tell exactly how equipped, efficient and compliant a factory is.

Moreover, audits are required to get associated with new clients and develop new profitable associations. Hence, you must know either as the factory admin, or as the client; how you can arrange for a complete factory audit.

How to get auditing done in a factory

Complete factory audits must be done by licensed auditors. Companies having license to perform audits, have licensed engineers and technicians to perform thorough tests in a factory. They would go through every section and process in the factory to verify things. To get professional auditing done, you must get in touch with such an auditing company, who are specialized and experienced to perform complete audits of factories.

What to look for while applying for a factory audits

There are various levels of audits for factories. Some are total in-depth audits, which checks through all that the factory has to offer and their internal processes etc. There are audits of basic nature too to check the factory’s status and equipments etc. and get an overview. When you are booking an audit, you must therefore see if the auditing company would perform social compliance audits, anti-terrorism audits, quality audits, and security audits. As because there are various types of audits each one catering to various segments which together makes a factory working. The lookout of the auditing company should be to touch all the areas, and complete all such audits in the package, or perform the selected audits as per the offered package.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of a factory audit is to see if what the factory claims and says they can do is in reality the truth or not. Often it is discovered after an audit and inspection that factories don’t comply with many things which they claim verbally or on papers. Only a thorough inspection and check can find out the truth, when it’s done by unbiased and professional auditors. Their only motto is to discover how much truth is there in what the factory says ‘yes’ to.

Language barriers, conceptual barriers, infrastructural problems, manpower issues, and other non-compliance problems often leads to findings quite different, from what the factories claim otherwise to get a business. The truth can only be discovered through performing audits. And after an audit the client gets a clear idea of whether to get into the business deal with the factory or not.

Concluding it

It’s always good to get the factory audited with whom you are planning to get associated in business. Hence, you must contact an auditing concern doing complete factory audits and get sorted.

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