Is there an android application for video downloading and streaming?


Variety of applications is there to ensure that you never have to face any difficulty when watching or downloading a video or movie. If you haven’t searched much on android platform then you are really missing out the fun. In case you are simply walking through Google play and feel there is nothing out there then step out of there.

What type of app should you have?

You must expand your reach and check out third party applications for video watching and downloading. One of the finest and most refined applications is of Vidmate. Once you do Vidmate Download you can enjoy endless fun and variety in videos. Whether you want to watch or download videos or movies; you can have a rich experience. Following are a few exciting things that vidmate can do for users.

Videos from many platforms

This application gets you an access to video or movie content on popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vivo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Tumblr and so many other similar platforms. In this way you get an access to all the videos and movies that are uploaded, shared or circulated therein. Vidmate gives you a direct access to watch and download these files on your android device that too without spending any penny.

Android Formats

Maybe you have come across many applications that give you the feature of downloading videos but the problem that emerges is of format. Often the videos you get downloaded are in the formats that your android device does not support. Here, if you go for Vidmate application you would not be short of formats at all. You can easily get the formats like 3GP, AVI, FLV< MP4 and so many other. The developers are constantly uploading the new formats for the convenience of the users. In this way even if your mobile phone or android device supports only one format, you can ensure that you get the videos in that format only. When you download the video, you just have to go into the options and select the format of your choice and hit download. The video would download in the preferred format.


You can get the videos on your phone in the resolutions that you like. Even better, Vidmate is automatically going to detect the versions of the video and cater you a choice of resolution which one to save to disk. This can help in case you are storing the downloaded files in a limited space. You would not have to bother about which resolution you should choose for the video because the app would help you there.In other words videos and movies can get downloaded in quality that ranges from that of 144p to 1080p. Indeed, the area of choice that Vidmate caters you is really exciting and satisfying. You would not find any type of hassle or trouble at all.


Thus, if you have vidmate in your device, you would never have to ask anyone for any videos or latest movies because it would allow you to get them from various platforms and in different formats and resolutions free of cost.

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