Do You Need to Work at a Height?


If your business handles assignments that are at ground level and at times at heights, you may need to hire a platform from time to time. If this is the case for you, you need to contact a company that offers the needed equipment. You can choose from several types of equipment that will lift items or provide platforms for you to do your work.

Some of the Features and Amenities

For example, sometimes items need to be transported through a window instead of a door. Therefore, you need to find a business that can provide this type of equipment for the day. Lifts with platforms are available with the following features:

  • Working heights of 21 to 31 metres
  • Platform heights of 20 to 29 metres
  • Platform deck sizes of approximately 1.4 metres x 0.7 metres x 1.10 metres
  • Safe working loads of approximately 200 kilograms
  • Outreaches of 14.5 metres and 17 metres

Hire Equipment for a Full Day

You can hire affordable access equipment in Huddersfield for a full day and request that they be operator-assisted. You can also hire platforms that are used for services such as painting at heights or window washing. Usually, these kinds of aids can hold up to two people and can reach a working height of almost 16 metres. The platform height is typically around 7.5 metres with a capacity of 200 kilograms.

To discuss an equipment lift and platform hire, it is best to go online and review your choices. You can also enquire about cherry pickers if you need this type of equipment as well. Simply look at companies in your area that feature this type of access equipment now.

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