Build Your Project’s Foundation with Skilled Engineers


Engineering can be viewed as providing the foundation for almost every project. Sometimes this solid base is a product design. In other settings, the engineer designs a foundation, literally. But in every case, visualization is just the first step in the design of a physical object or installation.

For example, every individual relies on the skills and knowledge of an engineer for drainage design, highway design, assessment of flood-risk, and more. When you work with a reliable and trusted individual or firm, you are also building a foundation; one that supports a long-term relationship.

Array of Services

Learn more about the array of services offered when you’re looking for engineers – consulting in West Sussex. The “menu” includes:

  • Drainage design – accuracy and great results using state-of-the-art design/modelling software.
  • Flood-risk assessment – for developments on all scales, including the combination of flood-mitigation and drainage design
  • Highway design – vertical and horizontal designs for carriageways, for junctions, and for roundabouts
  • External works – setting floor levels, external finishes, and external levels


This is an important service available from experienced engineers. When you need to meet established standards and government regulations, an engineer can provide valuable assistance. This same line of thinking can be applied to drainage agreements, including sewer-system adoptions, connections, and diversion.

Call on the experienced professionals for planning and design when your project involves cut-and-fill, as well as soakage testing for your soil. You can also depend on these professionals for detailed planning and testing, a major step in planning approval. Build your foundation with a skilled engineer.

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