Why Printed Carrier Bags are a Worthwhile Investment


Since the 5p charge for plastic bags came into effect in 2015, there has been a huge increase in the number of re-useable bag for life options being used by both supermarkets and independent businesses to lower the dependency on plastic whilst providing an effective packaging solution. But are they the right investment for your business? To help you determine whether they would be right for your business, we have compiled a list of some of the reasons printed carrier bags are a worthwhile investment.

Cheap To Manufacture

One of the biggest benefits to come from printed carrier bags is the manufacturing process. This process is highly affordable and can create the perfect look for your company in a wide range of materials. Whether it is canvas, plastic or cotton, you can make a printed carrier bag that works for your business and provides a high-quality experience for your customers when they shop with you. The affordability of the process makes it easy for your business to create these in bulk.

The Perfect Marketing Opportunity

In addition to being cheap to manufacture, there is also the potential for the perfect marketing opportunity as the logo and slogan can be printed on the bag. Whether you opt for a laminated paper bag or you opt for a printed tote bag, several logos can be printed onto the bag that can help to market your brand in new and exciting ways. Alternatively, you can create a bag with a funny slogan or picture on it alongside your brand logo to capture the audience’s attention.

Make A Great First Impression

By taking the time to make the most out of your printed paper bags, you are then working towards making the perfect first impression to your customers. Though customer service is important, it is significant to note that making a great first impression with your packaging should also be a priority. By taking the time to make the packaging stand out again competitors, you are also able to tap into a marketing audience that your competitors are not targeting. This could give you a competitive edge in a crowded market and help your company to become a household name.

They Can be Used More Than Once 

The final reason why printed carrier bags are such a great investment is that they can be used more than once. By encouraging your customer to re-use their bag, you are benefiting from free marketing whilst aiding in the reduction of your company’s carbon footprint. Though there will be some customers that forget their bags, you are providing them with an eco-friendly alternative. This is a small step that your company can take to cater to the target audience that is much more eco-conscious all whilst showing your logo to others that see them carrying the bag on the high street.

Whether you are looking to create a range of bags ion various sizes or you are a large company looking to cater to the eco-conscious shopper, there are several reasons that a printed carrier bag can benefit you.

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