Things to keep in mind after and before buying a domain


As a general rule your first option should be to choose the .com. All over the world, if they don’t know your extension, the first thing they will do is assume it’s .com. It is a generic, global extension that positions itself better than the others.

If your company is established in a country, or several specific countries, we recommend that you register the same domain with the .com and the extension or extensions of each corresponding country.

If possible, register the main extensions of your brand. If the .com is not free for the domain you chose, register it as .net or .org, they are the most recommended.

Copyright Policy

This means that you are aware that you cannot register domain names of any registered trademark, or use a trade name of a brand, even if it involves a slight change to look like a different identity.

If you do this, an affected company may search for you to request that you remove your website. Better avoid a complaint.

Check the availability of the domain in social networks

Here we recommend again something mentioned above, choose a short name, this will favor that when registering your domain name in a social network account, you do not exceed the defined number of characters.

In the social networks where you are going to open an account, make sure that the chosen name is free and always ensure that in each one the name is the same and does not have any variant, in the case that in some social network your domain name is already In use.

Avoid Google penalties

When your domain is online do not do SEO bad practices, such as creating unnatural links in forums, comments and blogs 2.0 because Google and its Pinguin will penalize you.

Another penalty that you can become a creditor is if you copy content from other portals. Now you know, choosing your domain name for your website is very important. Over time you can position your brand in digital media, but you must have patience to achieve it. Avoid problems by following the recommendations.

If you want to improve your website or start a new one, contact us, we give you domain registration and hosting service, very important aspects to start competing on the net. Maybe you are considering launching your own blog. Surely you have been thinking about it for a long time but now you have made the decision to take the leap. Congratulations on the first small step. Now we must get down to work.

One of the first tasks you have to do is find a name for your blog. It seems simple but it is an important decision since it can affect to a certain extent the future success of your “personal blog” project. For most of the aspects that I present it does not matter if you want to give it a particular or professional use.

Tips for Using a Domain Name

Branding with your own name: many people choose their name as the blog URL. If you want to consult companies or offer other types of services, it is a good idea to position yourself with your personal brand in your sector. Even if you do not have it planned for a short time and you want to give it a personal use, you never know what may happen in the future. It is one of the best options that also avoids other types of problems that I mention in another point.

Easily remembered: the advantage of choosing the proper name is that in most cases it is easily remembered. You have to think about those moments when you have to say the name of the blog over the phone. If you have to start spelling and people don’t “get it” right away, it’s not optimal.

Own domain instead of “Blogspot” or “WordPress”: choosing the free version of the 2 largest blogging platforms is the most direct way to the blog itself. Whenever you move in a business environment it gives a non-professional aspect. It is better to choose your own domain and URL even if it has a cost. It is also not very high because together with the hosting you do not have to spend more than 30-50 dollars.

Investing in a “premium” domain: One possibility is to purchase a domain if your favorite option is already reserved. In some cases, owners ask for prices that have nothing to do with the real value of a premium domain for sale. At the moment, the market for buying and selling domains is not enough to get excited, so with a little luck you can reserve some domains with generic words that describe your business (eg “” or “”) at a price between 200-900 dollars.

Respect existing brand rights: brand rights affect you both individually and professionally. Including a company name within a domain is not a good idea (eg “”). The owner of the trademark rights can always come one day and claim the domain. You also run the risk of having to pay a fine in the worst case.

Once you have chosen the name of your domain and have spent time with it, it is difficult to make a change. Think carefully about it from the beginning to avoid possible problems that may arise.

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