Steps to Save on Taxes and Reduce Costs


Saving on Taxes as an independent contractor requires knowledge of the legislation and strategy to choose the most appropriate tax regime for your business. To learn how to carry out a good control of your tax burden and spend less on the collection of taxes, follow the tips that we have separated for you. Every entrepreneur suffers from the country’s high tax burden. There are several types of taxes for companies, which involve not only taxes, but also fees, tariffs and various contributions. In addition, the entrepreneur needs to bear several accessory obligations, which likewise consume budget resources. Saving taxes is not a strategy, but a necessity, especially for those who want to ensure good financial health for their company.

To learn how to carry out a good control of your tax burden and spend less on the collection of taxes, follow the tips that we have separated for you!

Issue electronic invoice

The electronic invoice is an online way to issue an invoice, eliminating all paperwork and printing costs. With the NF-e, the entrepreneur optimizes the sales system and avoids errors in the tax calculations, which leaves his business far from problems with the IRS and even from the application of heavy fines by the tax authorities. The savings for issuing the NF-e are indirect, however, it can be considered quite significant since the error in collecting taxes can generate high costs for the company.

Do tax planning

Tax planning is a technical study carried out by a trained professional who knows the legislation and the possibilities of taxation for your business very well. The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate the different forms of taxation and direct the entrepreneur’s actions so that he can comply with all his tax obligations in an organized and intelligent manner, collecting the lowest possible tax burden. One way to achieve this result is through tax avoidance. Through the avoidance, the company avoids or postpones the occurrence of a taxable event without violating the law. When the company does this, it postpones the action that causes the payment of taxes.

Opt for online accounting                                                   

Online accounting is already a much more accessible way for the entrepreneur, since its services are automated and the structure is much leaner, providing lower values ​​to the client. In addition, through online accounting, the entrepreneur has access to an application that includes all their financial information that also generates tax obligations. As the system helps the entrepreneur to organize with the company’s accounts and obligations, the chances of making mistakes and failing to pay taxes are less. Consequently, the entrepreneur has an indirect economy, since it minimizes his possibility of having problems with the tax authorities due to the lack or even the incorrect payment of taxes.

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