How to find the best delivery service for your online business?


Once you have set up your online business and are ready to sell your products online, shipping can be a hassle, especially if you are trying to reduce costs. For example, if you need parcel delivery service to Germany, CourierPoint is one of the best Services.

Here’s how to find the best delivery service for your online business, without having to worry about how to get your products to your customers in the most cost-effective way:

Think about your packaging

Carriers often offer flat rates for standard format packages. If yours are non-standard, you could incur additional costs. Think seriously about your products and packaging and consider all possibilities. You could save money by re-packing your products with standard size packages.

Think about the different shipping options

In general, the longer the delivery time chosen, the lower the cost of the service. Ideally, you should study all carrier delivery options to find the one that best suits your needs and the needs of your customers. You should even consider offering free delivery to your customers if they choose a slow delivery service, and charge shipping if they choose a fast / overnight delivery service. This is common practice for e-merchants, and customers are increasingly expecting free shipping for standard shipping services.

Do not use a single carrier

There is little chance that you can get the best price for all your deliveries by using a single carrier. In terms of fares, carriers tend to have some very competitive services and others that are less competitive. Comparing the rates of different carriers for each of your shipments is the best way to ensure delivery at the lowest possible price, within your deadlines and shipping requirements. Shipping comparators on the internet allow you to quickly compare the shipping rates of different carriers with the specific criteria you have for your shipment.

Do not forget the follow up

Of course, since you are an e-merchant, you will want to track your shipments and be able to provide the customer the opportunity to do the same. It is, therefore, worthwhile to consider the tracking options proposed by each carrier before choosing the one you want to use. The accuracy and frequency of updating their tracking information can be critical to your customers’ satisfaction.

Automate your shipping process

Remember that saving time means saving money. So why not find the best way to compare carrier rates so that you can make your shipments with different carriers as quickly as possible?

New online tools like Packlink PRO, allow you to compare shipping rates and services between major carriers. You will be able to choose a different delivery service for each of your parcels like the cheap parcel to USA from the UK. That way, you’ll always be sure to choose the cheapest option on the market that’s right for your delivery needs. In addition, these tools connect directly to your eCommerce platform. Thus, all your orders are automatically imported and ready to be shipped. You just have to do the simple task of choosing the most cost-effective option before printing the labels; the carriers will do the rest!

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