How Legit Is Trunited: A Review of This Online Buying Platform


The usual question that most people ask when they learn about Trunited is if it is a scam or if it is a legal way to earn money. Before getting into the a Trunited Review, it is better to define it first. Trunited is a shopping platform online that offers points, rewards, and money back to shop online with the use of their services. It is like an exclusive community for buying online.

What Is Trunited?

Trunited defines itself as the first socialized consumer platform where consumers receive rewards simply by shopping online. The principle behind it is that consumers buy all the essential items they need online and Trunited allows them to experience that in the most convenient manner while being able to enjoy the best of perks such as rewards, discounts, and passive income.

Once you become a member of Trunited, you can simply log in to its site and shop on some of the highly popular sites such as Amazon, Camping World, Target, Macy’s, Apple, Home Depot, and Bloomingdales.Its headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it is advertised as open all the time.

Amount of Money Earned through Trunited

There are many factors that affect the amount of money you can earn from Trunited. Here are the factors: total amount of money spent by the other members of the site, the amount of Trunited’s operating expenses, and the amount of money you spend monthly using the site.

Trunited deducts the company’s total operating expenses every monthly on the total amount earned for the entire month. The amount left on the company’s profit will then be divided among the members of the site.

It is also possible to earn money through Trunited’s affiliate program. For you to become a Trunited affiliate, it is important for you to furnish the following requirements: at least one referral to join the site, the referral has to make a purchase on the site each month, and to earn a minimum amount of $100 each month.

Once qualified to become an affiliate, it is possible to make money based on your personal monthly accumulated points as well as the accumulated points of your referrals. Learn more about buying quality things online by clicking here:

Who Benefits Most from Trunited?

There are two groups of consumers that Trunited is designed for. One of these are businesses and brands that have online stores and are aiming to increase the number of buyers on their sites. The second group is composed of people who are in search of opportunities to earn money online.

Trunited Products: What to Expect from the Company

The most popular products on the site are beauty products such as Nerium and Jeunesse. Other products include tea and beef jerky that most people find appealing. The Trunited gift cards section is quite attractive. It includes all the restaurants that most men like to go. It can be an encouraging factor for those who are still in doubt whether they will join the site or not.

Bottomline is that Trunited is a legit site and everyone can earn from it.

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