Balancing out your CV in the right way


Whilst it may seem more desirable to have a long CV to showcase the number of experiences and achievements you have accomplished to date, it could not be further from the truth. Candidates who add work experiences and interests like a list are destroying their chances of being employed even if they are achieving great things in their personal life thus far. What is most important in a CV is not the length but how it is presented, since this very important document, as with most things in life, is first seen before any analysis can be done.

Getting the length right

Candidates who believe the more they add to a CV, the more their chances will improve of landing the job are making a big mistake and missing the point of the CV. When using a contemporary CV Creator, you can immediately see that the number of core competencies and skills are limited to 3 a piece, the same being applied to the number of hobbies. This is done in order to ensure that only your best 3 qualities or hobbies are listed, high-grading the best skills to allow the recruiter to immediately assess you instead of trying to determine which information he should keep hold of and which one to disregard.

Furthermore, candidates such as students or individuals seeking a career change should keep in mind most recruiters are only interested in what you have been doing most recently, not what you may have accomplished at school 10 years ago, especially if it is completely irrelevant to the job you are applying for with your CV.

A two page CV

Widely considered to be theoptimal length for any CV, especially professionals, a two page long CV is sufficient to list enough information and interests without consuming too much time out of a recruiter’s precious time. This encourages you to focus and trim down all excess ideas or additional information you may have included at first by keeping only what is most essential and what may be critical for you to get a job in a firm. Furthermore, do not try and make the font as small as possible to squeeze as much information as possible on two pages. The principal aim is to make it as easy as possible for an employer to read and come to a conclusion in a timely manner once they have read your CV.

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