4 Reasons Why your Business Might Need a Short Term Loan


A newly emerging business is like a young fruit tree, which needs a lot of care and attention in its first year, and it will only provide fruit when it has sufficiently matured. The new business is also at risk in the early years, with many falling by the wayside after only 12 months of trading, and with that in mind, here are just a few of the reasons why a small business might require a short term loan.

  1. Start Up Capital – It is very rare that a business is formed without some sort of capital, and for many entrepreneurs, lack of funding is the one obstacle that cannot be overcome. For many of the more traditional lending institutions, a new business venture represents a high risk, and they tend to avoid this sector, while there are numerous established online lenders who specialise in quick business loans, ideal for the new business. If you have a great idea for a business but lack the funds to make it happen, talk to an online business loan provider, and you might be surprised at how quick and convenient the application process is.
  2. Unpaid Invoices – It could be that a business is owed considerable amounts by customers, and without some form of financial assistance, many small businesses would simply have to cease trading. A short term bridging loan is what is often needed, and there are online lenders who specialise in this type of commercial loan, and very often, the process can be completed in a single working day.
  3. No Line of Credit – When a new business orders products or services, they very often must pay on delivery, as many suppliers will not extend a line of credit to a new enterprise. This can cause a small business serious problems, as they must wait for their customer to pay their invoice before they are able to clear their own bills. An installation company, for example, might have to pay the manufacturer for the product, and it might be another month or longer before they receive payment, and if a company has many such projects on the go at any one time, this can add up to a considerable sum, and a short term loan is often the only solution.
  4. Contractual Dispute – If a company is owed a lot of money by a customer, who for one reason or another, is unhappy with the service, then this could have a negative effect on the company’s finances and with legal costs, it would be wise to take out a short term business loan, until the matter is resolved. This can, and does, happen and in the event your business is owed money and you must wait until the courts decide, a short term business loan might be the only way to save the business.

Whatever the reason, if your business could do with an injection of funds, all it takes to contact the right lender is an online search, and within a very short period of time, you can receive a pre-approval and the funds would be transferred within 2 working days.



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