3 Reasons to Customize Your Company’s Shipping Materials


If you take into account the number of packages, letters or other forms of communication you mail to your customers per quarter, month or week, you may realize that each of those mailings is an additional marketing opportunity for your company. Of course, using plain envelopes, boxes and labels may be more cost-effective, but the number of eyes that see these items as they travel to their destination could be seeing your company’s logo, too. From small labels to stickers, testing the possibilities can start off small. Then, if it delivers desirable results, can lead to something bigger.

Here are three reasons why your company should consider customizing its shipping materials.

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Chances are your company already has a marketing budget, and you have this budget because it is an investment in your company and potential future business. With marketing, the goal is to keep your company’s name in front of a target demographic in hopes that they will pay for your products or services. Then, they will continue to be a patron of yours. Evaluating your marketing budget is a must. Once you know how it is operating, you can determine if a shake-up is worthwhile and how much you can set aside for the addition of customized shipping materials.


When your customers receive your materials, they examine them. They usually do so simply because they want to know who it is from and the best way to open it without damaging the contents. As the package is being opened, your company’s logo can be ingrained in the recipient’s mind. Customized shipping materials help shape the opinion of your customers. If you are a cutting-edge business, for example, you may decide to use eye-catching colors in addition to your logo.


Once your company’s customized shipping materials are out of your hands, they will be in the hands of others. During its travel, it will be handled and delivered while pairs of eyes set their sights on the package on purpose and in passing. This type of publicity’s reach is immeasurable and operates in the same manner as a television commercial or local paper advertisement. It helps keep your company’s logo and information in front of potential customers in a more economical manner.

Customizing your company’s shipping materials is a worthwhile investment, branding opportunity and offers additional publicity.

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